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Sergiev Posad glass container plant produces more than 200 types of colorless glass containers

Glass jars and bottles produced at the plant, are have the European quality of performance, environmental friendliness, high water and chemical resistance, strength and lightness, perfect geometry and exclusive design.

The plant has implemented and certified a management system of safety and quality of products in accordance with the international
BRC / IoP standard (integrated system, which includes the requirements of the standards ISO 9000, 22000 and Hazardous Actions Critical Concepts Plan ― HACCP principles).

The quality of the technical equipment of the company is approaching the level of the world’s leading manufacturers of glass containers.
The plant is equipped with high-precision measurement and control devices supplied by Busch & Spreen, AGR, IRIS, and SGCC companies. The company employs 100% fully automated quality control of products.

The equipment was installed and the technology for the production of colored glass by coloring in the feeder was mastered in 2014.

It is planned to launch the process of NNPB (Narrow Neck Press and Blow) in the first half of 2016. This technology allows the company to produce lighter containers.

The plant employees provide for a full production cycle, starting from development (own design department) to storage (covered warehouses) and to transportation of products (road and railway transport).

Consumers of the plant’s products ― leading Russian and foreign producers of the food industry. As of today, glass containers are delivered in Europe (Germany, Slovakia, Poland), as well as
to consumers in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Armenia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Partners of the Sergiev Posad plant value both the highest quality of glass containers, matching European standards, and the excellent level of services provided by the company ― timeliness and accuracy of order execution, prompt solving of operational issues, professionalism and proficient communication skills at all levels of management.

Highly qualified Russian management staff supervises production.

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The plants history

The plant’s design production capacity is 800 million glassware articles per year

Construction of the company initiated.
The first stage of the plant with the capacity of
300 tons of glass melt per day was put into commission. Some of the biggest European companies were competing for their machines purchase order in Sergiev Posad. The tender was won by the global industry branch leader ― Italian company “Glass Technologies”. Five glass-forming machines were supplied by BDF firm (Italy).
Second stage of the plant was put into commission, with the capacity of 220 tons of glass melt per day: the oven, developed according to the project of Glass Technologies, two 12-sectional glass-forming machines (GFM) by BDF were installed. Third stage of the plant was put into commission, with the capacity of 340 tons of glass melt per day: three 12-sectional (GFM) and a tandem of 2 and 6-sectional glass-forming machines (GFM) by BDF were installed. The world most advanced systems of quality control at that time were put into operation. Highly proficient foreign experts who have experience in managing the most modern factories in Europe participated in setting up the plant’s equipment.
The first plant’s workshop renovation was completed and it was put into commission;
the equipment was installed, and the technology for production of colored glass by coloring in the feeder was mastered.


Annealing furnace

  • Glass Technologies (Italy)

Glass-forming machines

  • BDF (Italy)

Conveyor line, palletizer

  • All Glass (Italy)
  • Steklopak (Orel)
  • MSK (Germany)


  • Bush&Spreen (Germany)
  • AGR (USA)
  • IRIS (France)
  • SGCC (France)
  • Xpar (Holland)


Glass bottles made of colorless glass intended for:

  • Champagne
  • sparkling and carbonated wine, cider
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Beer
  • Highly-carbonated soft drinks
  • Сarbonated low-alcohol beverages
  • Low-alcohol drinks (cocktails, kvass, etc.)
  • Mineral and potable water
  • Nonalcoholic beverages and liquids (oil, juices, syrups, etc.)
  • Fruit and vegetable canned products (sauces, ketchups, jams, etc.)
  • Infant foods
  • Milk, dairy and milk containing products

Glass jars made of colorless glass intended for:

  • Fishing industry products (canned fish, preserves, caviar, seafood and their derived products)
  • Infant food (fruit, meat and canned fruits and berries and vegetables, canned fish)
  • Coffee and coffee beverages
  • Products for industrial and home canning (fruit and vegetables, cereal, fruit and berry preserves, ketchup, sauces, pasta, jam, preserves, fruit spread, honey, etc.)

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